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In this month's Safety & Health eNews, Chris DelBello outlines three methods of deploying a rescue rope for emergency situations, while Aaron Zamzow demonstrates three exercises firefighters can do to reduce injuries and stay fit for the job.

Additionally, Firefighter-EMT Bob Stanczyk shares his cardiac close call and the lessons learned about not ignoring the warning signs of a potentially fatal incident.

The FireRescue1 Team
Life safety rope: 3 options for how to deploy it during rescues
By Chris DelBello 
All companies should carry a rescue rope for emergency situations for themselves or victims in need of a quick save
3 exercises to prolong your firefighting career
By Aaron Zamzow 
When performed regularly, these exercises can help reduce injuries and keep you in the game
Saving one of their own: FF-EMT's close call highlights importance of not ignoring warning signs
By Sarah Calams 
Bob Stanczyk was putting out hot spots when he noticed discomfort in his left shoulder; alerting EMTs he didn't feel right saved his life
Opioid addiction: The epidemic’s impact on firefighters
By Sara Jahnke, Ph.D. 
Five reasons firefighters are at an increased risk of opioid abuse
2019 LODD data: Analyzing the USFA report amid the push to ‘Get Below 50’
By Marc Bashoor 
We're nearly at the point where we can start fathoming having no firefighter deaths
The Most Durable Protective Barrier
We believe your turnout gear should provide the same level of protection after it's worn as it did on day one. That's why GORE protective barriers undergo more than 5 times the number of wash cycles required by NFPA 1971. Get protection you expect.
Learn more
When everything old is new again: Cancer and behavioral health
By Robert Rielage 
Fire officers must be aware and vigilant of both issues as we provide professional and caring leadership in our departments
Code 3 Podcast: Should fire apparatus really be red?
By Scott Orr, Code 3 Podcast 
Dr. Stephen Solomon – an optometrist and veteran firefighter – explains the data on what color apparatus is safest
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