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Dear FireRescue1 Member,

Incident commanders play a critical role in firefighter safety. This is a huge responsibility, making it essential that new officers are thoroughly prepared when facing the command role for the first time.

The FireRescue1 special coverage series Preparing New Officers to Be Incident Commanders shares a comprehensive approach for training members on the IC position.

Review these articles with your new officers to ensure they are ready to run the show.

The FireRescue1 Team
Outriggers needed: Lessons learned from a flipped aerial
By Mark van der Feyst 
Aerials have been designed with various layers of safety – and outriggers are one of them
4 ways firefighters can prioritize health and make lasting change
By Aaron Zamzow 
How to stick to health-focused resolutions amid the pandemic
Virtual visits: Telemedicine gives firefighters another option for mental health services
By Robert Avsec 
One therapist shares why virtual meetings work so well for firefighters
Q&A: Understanding PTSD and PTSI in the fire service
By Janelle Foskett 
Chief Norvin Collins shares how best to communicate with firefighters about their experiences, provide reassurance and offer assistance
Buyer's Guide: How to Pick the Right Fire RMS System
A fire department's fire RMS is a key component of its administrative and technical infrastructure. Learn about the five key points decision-makers should consider before the purchase.
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How to integrate the goblet squat into firefighter workouts
By Aaron Zamzow 
By positioning the weight in front of the body, the goblet squat shifts the focus from the back to the core, building strength where firefighters need it the most
Code 3 Podcast: What officers need to know about crew trauma
By Scott Orr, Code 3 Podcast 
Fire Chief Jared Meeker explains how leaders can watch for signs of emotional trauma among the crew
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