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Passage of Amendment to Reauthorize AFG/SAFER/USFA

We are pleased to report that last night, Thursday, November 29, the Senate unanimously adopted an amendment to reauthorize the AFG and SAFER grant programs and the US Fire Administration.  The amendment  was attached to the Defense Authorization Act (S.3254), which the Senate is continuing to debate today.   The amendment was sponsored by Senator Lieberman (CT), with Collins (ME), Carper (DE) and Brown (MA).

During the debate on the Senate floor, Senator Coburn (OK) insisted that the sunset provision AFG and SAFER programs be moved from 10 to 5 years. FAMA and FEMSA will work with the our Fire Service Alliance partners to attempt to address this provision once S.3254 is passed by the Senate and moves to Conference Committee with the House.  The Senate continues debate on S.3254 today.  We will send you an update on further developments when the bill is passed and reaches the conference committee.

Thanks to everyone for making last minute calls to your Senators in support of the Lieberman amendment. This is an important and positive development for the Fire Service, although much work remains.  

If you have any questions, please contact GAC Co-chairs John Lee Morris or GAC Senior Advisor Dave Gatton  

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