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‘This podcast is worth millions’: Jerry Brant explains how to secure FD funding

Resident grants guru Chief Jerry Brant details what application reviewers are looking for, plus common grant proposal mistakes

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Chief Jerry Brant – the 70-million-dollar man – joins the show this week, explaining the role that all firefighters play in the grants process, what application reviewers are looking for this year, plus common grant proposal mistakes. (And yes, Brant has indeed written more than $70 million in successful grant applications in his career, some for FireGrantsHelp.) The self-proclaimed “pope of the church of planning,” Brant urges people to work ahead, particularly since it’s no surprise that there’s a grant application period every year, and offers guidance for striking the right balance of data and storytelling in the grant-writing process.

  • Don’t miss: The T-shirt story that exemplifies unnecessary grant-writing hurdles
  • Power quote: “Grants are not great literary works; there’s no Pulitzer Prize award for writing the best grant” (so get to work!)
  • Hot seat sneak peek: Brant’s splurge purchase

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