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Mich. firefighter saves 6 from burning home

Infant, two toddlers, three women plucked from danger by Firefighter Andy Capo; stairs were ablaze

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. — In what was toned out as a garage fire quickly turned into second-story rescue effort by Hamtramck, Mich. firefighters early Monday morning. Using a ground ladder, firefighters saved an infant, two toddlers and three women.

"Six people came to the front of the house saying they had no way to get out because the stairs were on fire," Hamtramck Fire Captain Christopher Sanchez told the Detroit Free Press.

Four-year department veteran Andy Capo performed the rescue.

"He did an awesome job," Sanchez told the paper. "He didn't hesitate, he knew what had to be done; he made sure everybody on that second floor porch was brought to safety. He should be commended for that. He did a great job."

There were no injuries and none of the residents required medical attention. The home was a complete loss and the fire is still under investigation.

Hamtramck is six miles outside Detroit.

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