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The top 5 firefighting saves of 2012

2012 has seen some amazing saves. From burning cars to the ocean to the underground, there seems to be no territory firefighters won't tread to make the save. We salute your bravery and courage. 

See some of the year's top saves below. 

Detroit firefighters use own SCBA to save dogs

In a clip from the Detroit firefighter documentary "Burn", a firefighter saves a frantic residents' two dogs by using his SCBA on them. 


Naked fisherman rescued as sharks circle

Choppers spot an Australian fisherman who's naked and treading water, seemingly unaware of the sharks circling him.


NYC firefighters contain large Sandy blaze

No one was injured thanks to 190 firefighters containing a massive blaze that claimed up to 100 homes in NYC during Hurricane Sandy.


4'11 firefighter rescues baby from storm drain

The department's smallest firefighter is able to snake her way into a storm drain to reach a baby that fell down a storm drain.


Firefighters save man during suicide attempt

Quick-acting firefighters position themselves just in time with a cushion as a suicidal man jumps from the roof a building. 


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