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10 holiday gifts that can help your career

For those of you fortunate enough to have a supportive family who want to see you succeed and who have the means to help you, consider catering your holiday wish list to include things that will help further your career.

Here are some great gift ideas you may not have thought about asking for that are sure to be better than the argyle socks or the sweater that you may otherwise get if you don't offer up any suggestions to those buying for you this year.

1) Subscriptions to services such as FireRecruit.com, 911Interviews.com, Eatstress.com, FirePrep.com and NationalFireSelect.com.
2) Appropriate interview attire; suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc.
3) One-on-one interview coaching.
4) Airline ticket, or air miles to take an upcoming out-of-state test.
5) Gas cards for traveling to test sites.
6) Gift cards at hotels.com or other travel sites.
7) A gym membership, personal trainer or weight training equipment.
8) Hiring a professional resume writer.
9) Test preparation manuals.
10) Subscriptions to your favorite fire service magazines.

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