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Webbing in hidden places


By Mark van der Feyst

Many firefighters carry small pieces of equipment in all the pockets of their turnout gear. Some of this equipment may include escape rope, small hand tools, flashlights, door chocks and so on.

Webbing is a very versatile tool to have. Rolling a section of webbing into a donut roll and stuffing it into a medical glove works well for storing in the pant pocket of turnout gear. There are other good spots to store webbing besides the pockets. The space between the inner liner and the outer shell offers a good storing spot. Stuffing a small section up into that cavity with just a small loop sticking out by the wrist provides quick access and deployment.

Some turnout pants have kneepads held on by Velcro, with a space between the pad and the outer shell. Webbing can be stuffed in that void with a small loop hanging over the edge.

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