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Top 5 firefighting videos of October 2012

A gut-busting firefighter parody of the popular "Gangnam Style" video, an arsonist setting an unsuspecting man on fire are among this month's firefighting videos.

A quick-thinking firefighter springing into action to stop a potential suicide and a look at the smallest fire truck in the world in action round out the five most popular videos in the firefighter community for October.

'Firefighter Style' a 'Gangnam Style' parody

Firefighters do their own hilarious rendition of the viral South Korean hit by PSY to bring attention to promote fire safety.


Arsonist sets unsuspecting man on fire

Surveillance camera footage captures a brazen attack by an man who throws a Molotov cocktail at a bystander.


Firefighters take cover from exploding ammo

Crews are forced to run for cover as the warehouse fire they're battling sets off ammo, sending bullets and shrapnel at them.


'Ninja' firefighter saves suicidal girl

A stealthy firefighter kicks a teen girl who was threatening to jump from a ledge to safety. 


The 'world's smallest fire truck

What may be the world's smallest fire truck responds to a call. It is actually a converted "people mover" golf cart. 


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