Watch: Iowa firefighter brought to tears by baby surprise

Firefighter Jonathan Taylor’s emotional reaction was recorded after opening baby-themed presents

By FireRescue1 Staff

DES MOINES, Iowa — Video of a firefighter’s emotional reaction after finding out he was an expecting father went viral this month. 

Firefighter Jonathan Taylor was surprised by Tara Matlock in November 2016. In the video, Taylor found out he was a father-to-be after opening presents that included diapers, pacifiers and baby clothing. The video was released on Valentine’s Day.

“As soon as I saw the diapers I just flooded with emotions,” Taylor told WHOtv. “I found somebody I can spend the rest of my life with, that’s going to be the mother of my child.”

Matlock, who is 17 weeks pregnant with her third child, said she wanted to do something special since it is Taylor’s first child.

“I wanted to keep videotaping him but he looked like he needed a hug and I couldn’t just keep going,” Matlock said. 

Taylor said after the video circled through social media, many of his colleagues poked fun at him. 

“[They] kind of gave me a jab afterwards and said a guy has got to be strong and can’t show emotion and that kind of thing,” Taylor said. 


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