Infographic: 9 symptoms and solutions for overexertion in firefighters

Overexertion is a major issue for firefighters – refer to this infographic to identify these serious warning signs.

Overexertion is a result of exercising too intensely, continuously being thrown into situations where your adrenaline spikes, or being overworked and stretched too thin. Whether your muscles are stressed or your mind is stressed, it’s important to spot your overexertion, and deal with it. 

According to U.S. Fire Administration, 58 percent of firefighter deaths in 2014 were a direct result of overexertion and stress. The problem of overexertion is a major one. Firefighters experience overexertion more than most professionals due to the job description: prolonged exposure to high temperatures, carrying, lifting, and wearing heavy protective gear and equipment. Catch the signs before it’s too late. 

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Print this graphic and tape it somewhere visible. Make it a constant reminder to take care of yourself. The longer your body experiences unhealed overexertion, the more damage you’re doing to yourself. 


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