Hundreds of accidental 911 calls being placed from Apple repair center

An investigation was launched after reports claim that refurbishment engineers are overwhelming dispatchers with accidental 911 calls

By FireRescue1 Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — An investigation is looking into reports of hundreds of accidental 911 calls being made from an Apple repair center.

The Sacramento Bee reported that an estimate of 1,600 accidental 911 calls have been made over the past five months by Apple products, with the calls coming in around 20 times a day.

Elk Grove Police Department spokesperson Jason Jimenez said the calls were traced to a cell tower close to the Apple campus, and the calls don’t show any service provider information as normal cellphone calls do.

Dispatchers also said that when they answer, they hear “people talking about Apple.”

"When the line is open, there's no sound of a struggle or an emergency," Jimenez said.

“911 is a lifeline for everyone in our community, so having these lines open and available is paramount and so getting this problem resolved,” he said. “Public safety is not in danger and we are working with Apple to resolve the issue.”

"The times when it’s greatly impacting us is when we have other emergencies happening and we may have a dispatcher on another 911 call that may have to put that call on hold,” dispatcher Jamie Hudson said.

Apple said they are working on fixing the issue.

“We take this seriously and we are working closely with local law enforcement to investigate the cause and ensure this doesn’t continue,” a spokesperson said.

Jimenez urged the public that “public safety is not jeopardized” at this time.


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