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Capt. Jeffrey Scott Klein was in charge of a 2020 medical response that led to the death of a patient who was put in a prone position
“Their clinical assessment assumed that the agonal respiration the patient took was the same as being apneic,” said Clearwater Fire & Rescue Chief Scott Ehlers
Larry Whithorn said West Covina fired him in 2019 due to age bias and retaliation for reporting a hostile work environment caused by harassment
Michael Washington claims he was not given prior notice of his firing or an opportunity to respond to any complaints
A 2021 disciplinary letter to Capt. Jeffrey Scott Klein states that the patient, who needed a glucose shot, was handcuffed and put in a prone position
Union officials allege the city did not conduct a disciplinary investigation before it sought to have Dominic Biscari terminated following the fatal incident
IAFF Local 42 leaders said that other Kansas City FD employees had similar physical altercations with patients or residents and were not disciplined or terminated
Robert Long told the state Emergency Medical Services Board that officers refused to remove Nichols’ handcuffs, which would have allowed EMTs to check his vital signs
The Tennessee Emergency Medical Services Division found that JaMichael Sandridge and Robert Long violated state rules of emergency aid and treatment
Terryl Brown was chief legal counsel and deputy commissioner for legal affairs, and Frank Dwyer was the deputy commissioner for public information
Dominic Biscari has been on unpaid leave from the Kansas City Fire Department, which is seeking termination
“There was information withheld by those already on the scene which caused our members to handle things differently than they should have,” Thomas Malone said
The actions were not the “final disposition of this entire matter,” said Matt Gibbs, an attorney for the state Department of Health
Compassion elevates emergency medical care to a ministry of kindness
I know Memphis Fire, and while the inactions of three members should not reflect on the entire FD, we must learn from these fatal errors