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Violent Patient Management

Part 2 — San Diego Fire-Rescue Captain Ben Vernon shares his journey from darkness to feeling “lighter, better” after therapy and EMDR
Part 1 — The San Diego Fire-Rescue captain shares the emotional story of how a seemingly “routine call” quickly escalated to a near-fatal stabbing
The child also tried to cut a second firefighter with a knife
The dangers to EMTs/medics are less well known to the general public than firefighting, even at times to the agencies where they work
City council members will vote on a 2-year ban on all chemical sedatives used to restrain patients as well as any new sedatives for medical purposes
Reminders for public safety personnel on how to respond to a spitter with time, distance and shielding
The patient had recently moved to an address that was flagged as a threat due to a previous resident, the lawsuit claims
A firefighter working a structure and brush fire was working traffic when a driver “attempted to come through the road block”
Evansville Fire Department Division Chief Mike Larson said the community loses out when firefighters are forced to be more cautious due to threat of violence
Officials said the woman brandished two steak knives and threatened to kill the rescuers
Fairfax County Firefighter-Paramedic Andrew Cruikshank was arrested in September after an altercation with a patient that was captured on police body camera
Creating a safe scene begins with understanding how your patient’s mental and physical health connect, and in avoiding these 5 don’ts
St. Petersburg fire union officials voiced concerns about the safety of firefighters and paramedics responding to some calls without police protection
Police say the man repeatedly stated that he had HIV during the incident and spat “brownish-red” saliva onto the firefighter-paramedic’s arm