Watch: Firefighter's music video captures woes of on-call life

The firefighter was inspired by the beeping of his pager; his fellow firefighters encouraged him to record the song and make a video

CHARLOTTETOWN, Canada — A volunteer firefighter has written a song about the constant beeping of his pager. reported firefighter Brandon Gillis was inspired by his pager while he was playing music in his living room. He wrote a few lines of a song and sent them to his colleagues, who encouraged him to finish and record it.

"Hey, Mr. Pager Man, where are we going? The belt is a beeping, better get the trucks rollin,'" Gillis sings in the chorus. "Hey, Mr. Pager Man, what's the address? I hope it's nothing serious."

Firefighter Andrew Chisholm helped Gillis create and edit the music video.

"The song really just relates to everyday life. You're going through it and you have a pager on. It could be a call, it could be a false alarm. It could be an accident or a small fire, but you're never sure when that's going to happen," Gillis said.

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