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Ga. mentoring program highlights our positive traditions

The article on firefighters in Georgia building a program to mentor children is a great story on several fronts.

First, it represents the spirit of volunteerism that remains one of the positive traditions of the fire and emergency services.

Firefighters, career and volunteer, often spend time helping their communities in many other ways; by reading to children, serving as mentors, coaching sports teams, participating in faith-based activities, and too many others to list.

Second, it illustrates the importance of community engagement for fire departments of all sizes and types. With the constant press of budgets, staffing issues, emergency calls, and other organizational factors, it is all too easy to forget the value of active participation in the overall life of the communities we serve.

Finally, from my own experience, it feels good! A couple years ago I became a book buddy at a local school; that one hour per week, although sometimes difficult to find in my schedule, is unquestionably one of the most personally rewarding aspects of my life and career.

Give it a try and find out for yourself...

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