Fire department battles blaze with frozen equipment

The Zeigler Fire Department had to thaw out their hoses after using them before putting them back on the truck

By FireRescue1 Staff

ZEIGLER, Ill. — Firefighters battling a blaze in below freezing temperatures did so using frozen equipment.

WPSD reported that the Zeigler Fire Department had to wait for their fire hoses to thaw out before they could put them back on the truck.

“The extreme temperatures have affected tools, the hydrants, hoses. We have to wait for pretty much everything to thaw before you get them back in service,” Capt. Kathie Flowers said.

Capt. Flowers added that the frigid cold forces the department to team up with neighboring departments to ease the stress on both the equipment and the firefighters themselves.

“The extreme cold like this that we have been having the past couple days can affect anything, like the hose lines to our valves on engines to hydrants. So, it could very well hinder your response to a fire,” Capt. Flowers said. “In these extreme temperatures, I think your body just doesn’t work as well. I think you tire easier.”

Capt. Flowers said firefighters are using their down time to stay warm and rest so they can be prepared for the next fire.

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