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Video: Inauguration drunk attacks fire truck, authenticity questioned

D.C. Fire spokesman says he has no record of the incident and questions the video's authenticity based on the production quality

By Arin Greenwood
The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — You might think that this video, showing what would appear to be a blazer-wearing drunk man pounding on and otherwise molesting a D.C. law enforcement SUV, then swearing at and demanding a job from people in an adjacent car, was staged.

"This video was certainly not staged though I do not blame any person for thinking so!" says Brian L. Johnson, the person responsible for DRUNKMAN In Traffic Takes On Fire & Rescue Squad.

Johnson is a senior at Howard University and also owns a multimedia production company. He tells The Huffington Post he was leaving his apartment for a photography gig on the Saturday before President Obama's second inauguration when he heard a man — the subject of his video, which is set to a suitably dramatic soundtrack — making noise outside.

Full story: Drunk man attacks fire truck on Inauguration weekend in D.C.

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