Firefighters greeted by elephants while extinguishing tractor-trailer fire

The Chattanooga Fire Department said they were surprised to be greeted by three elephants, who they described as “huge, but well behaved”

By FireRescue1 Staff

DADE COUNTY, Ga. — Firefighters who responded to a tractor-trailer fire were greeted by elephants when they arrived.

WBIR reported that the owners of the trailer were able to get the elephants safely out when the fire started in the tractor, and were munching on hay while a crew from the Chattanooga Fire Department extinguished the blaze.

In a Facebook post, the department described the elephants as “HUGE, but very well behaved,” and said the owners were able to get the elephants transported by calling another tractor to the scene.

No animals or humans were reported injured in the fire.


Elephants on I-24...Another Day in the Office So what is that peeking its large head over a guardrail on the interstate...

Posted by Chattanooga Fire Department on Monday, November 20, 2017


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