Video: Ragú delivers 792 jars of pasta sauce to Okla. firefighters

The hearty donation comes after Tahlequah firefighters filmed themselves cooking with Ragú’s sauce

By FireRescue1 staff

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Tahlequah firefighters have a lot of spaghetti in their future.

On Tuesday, the pasta sauce company Ragú delivered 792 jars of pasta sauce to Tahlequah Fire Department Station 1, as reported by the Tahlequah Daily Press.

Watch FedEx make the substantial delivery. 

The hearty donation comes after the department’s red shift crew filmed themselves cooking with Ragú’s sauce, following recent clips from the company that say, “Cook like a mother!” Firefighter Anthony Margarit later posted the video to his TikTok account.

Tahlequah Captain Jody Enlow initiated the meal-prep video as a team-building exercise, but after the pasta sauce company saw the video, representatives reached out about featuring the firefighters in a commercial. The City Council has since approved the firefighters’ video to be used by Ragú.

As for the bountiful delivery, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Whittmore joked, “The definition of Tahlequah is ‘Two is enough,’ and evidentially Ragú didn’t think two was enough; they thought 792 would be.”

According to the Daily Press, the department plans to hold a pasta-intensive dinner at the Cherokee County Community Building. Fire Chief Casey Baker said someone has already agreed to donate the pasta.

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