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The fire department is investigating to see if the crew of Engine 1 violated policy by not responding to a crash two blocks away
Three Maui County departments failed to meet deadlines for providing information from the Aug. 8 wildfires that killed 100, left 7, 500 homeless
Interim Sebastopol Fire Chief Jack Piccinini wrote to city officials, politicians and the media about the challenges in the department
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
New fire engines are the first of several changes for the Moline Fire Department
A Marion County Fire Rescue ambulance overturned in a collision with a bus and pickup truck
It’s helpful to develop a tool training schedule to ensure members’ skill remain automatic
FireRescue1’s 2023 state-of-the-industry survey revealed some alarming statistics related to respondents’ feelings about the job. Download your copy to learn critical insights into what is driving the perfect storm of stress among many firefighters.
Gain insight into how go/no-go situations are resolved by ICs and how you can level-up your own decision-making skills
In buildings with additional fortification, it’s critical for crews to utilize forcible entry skills to establish sufficient entry and exit points
The FireRescue1 Financial, Insurance & Legal Services product category is a collection of information and resources for researching Financial Services solutions, as well as insurance options and legal resources. Financial Services products offer departments the opportunity and means to purchase the necessary equipment as well as offer resources to individual firefighters. It covers financial leasing options, various types of insurance, mortgage tools, and retirement planning assistance.
The FireRescue1 Fire Communications product category features products and information for researching fire communications and covering a variety of products, including radio interfaces and mobile and stationary technologies.
The FireRescue1 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) product category features information and resources for purchasing CAD products.
The FireRescue1 Software product category features information, product listings and resources for researching incident response software, scheduling software and software subscriptions.
The FireRescue1 Scheduling and Time Tracking Software product category features information, product listings and resources for researching software, staff management, and crew scheduling tools.
The FireRescue1 Vehicles category features information, products and resources for researching a variety of vehicles, including off-road and specialty vehicles.
The FireRescue1 Extrication Tools, Cutters and Spreaders product category features product listings and resources for researching the extrication tools used to push, pull and pry at vehicle collision scenes.
The FireRescue1 Fire Emergency Response Software product category features products and information, including mapping systems and pre-/post-planning systems that provide critical resources and capabilities in emergency response situations.
The FireRescue1 Fire Records Management product category is a collection of information, product listings, resources and solutions for incident reporting, data analysis, training, medical records, personnel management and risk management.
The FireRescue1 Hazmat Equipment product category covers a variety of detection systems, protective equipment, decontamination tools, incident management systems and analysis software.
Have these test-taking basics down pat to give yourself the best chance at a high score and a job offer
Most of these skill-building exercises can be used year-round and with minimal cost and equipment
To expand our perspective, we must look outside our insular ideas and accept that we may not have all the answers
Firefighters feel generally positive about the job, but they report high stress, and many have considered leaving their organization
Get started now so you’ll be ready when the application period starts
How to address real-world scenarios
During the webinar “Violence prevention — the fire and EMS safety checklist,” Dr. Jennifer Taylor details the emerging threats of violence
Maximizing the power of response vehicles
How to address real-world scenarios
A detailed look at the actions leaders can take to implement a systems-level plan to protect their members
The emergence of unconventional chemical threats
Unpacking the survey data and identifying solutions to address the perfect storm of stress
Be ready for today and prepare for tomorrow
Detailing live-fire training options and requirements, from medical monitoring to decon to water supply and beyond
Best practices for a successful grant application
The panelists answer attendee questions related to NFPA 3000, PPE, grants, armed firefighters, RTFs, working with law enforcement, and more