Cooperators' Insurance Agent Donates Fire Suppression Technology Tool to Help Westlock Combat Fire-Related Losses

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WESTLOCK, ALBERTA - Any insurance agent knows how quickly even a small fire can spread and devastate an entire home. For more than 15 years, Gary Lorenz has known as well. So when he heard about the FIT-5, a new hand-held fire interruption tool for firefighters, he immediately took note.

Lorenz, an agent with The Cooperators via his company, GL Agencies, recognized that the tool could significantly knock down and control a fire, buying firefighters time and reducing the amount of water needed to put out a blaze. This equates to huge savings for both insurance companies and the homeowners they cover.

"When I first saw a video of the device working I thought, 'wow, this could be great for insurance companies.' We find the majority of damage done to a home is not actually caused by the fire, but by the water that puts the fire out," said Lorenz. "If the FIT-5 can reduce the amount of loss and help save the things that we cannot replace, like family photos and heirlooms, there's a real untold value there."

Lorenz and his company have already seen the benefits of the device first-hand. The FIT-5 recently suppressed a large fire at a four-unit apartment building in High River. The unit was credited with saving the building and substantially decreasing fire and water damages. Because of the FIT-5, three of the four units remained unscathed.

On Oct. 9, Lorenz visited the Westlock Fire Department to commend the department's work and personally hand the device to Fire Chief Terry Stauffer. Also in attendance was Westlock Deputy Mayor David Truckey.

"I am proud to see a citizen in our community show support for my crew's mission to help save the lives, properties and memories of Westlock residents," said Chief Stauffer of the donation. "The FIT-5 is a great tool for my team. If it can assist us in saving even one home or one life, it's clearly an enormous asset."

Michael Gardiner, director of marketing, ARA Safety, was pleased as well. "It's great to see that insurance companies are aware of the human and financial benefit the FIT-5 can provide. Eventually we hope that every agent in North America will be able to experience these benefits first-hand and present another form of fire protection assurance to consumers."

About the FIT-5
The FIT-5 is a hand-held fire suppression device that when deployed, emits a chemical aerosol to interrupt and knock down a fire. The device is effective in dramatically reducing room temperatures at a fire site by hundreds of degrees in as little as 15 seconds. It also reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish a fire by controlling the spread of flames, thereby reducing water damages and property repair costs. The FIT-5 has been deployed more than 20 times throughout North America since its debut in late 2007. As additional deployments occur, the FIT-5 continues to assist insurance agencies in protecting the lives, properties and memories of their customers.

About ARA Safety
ARA Safety is a world leader in innovative fire and life safety technology. ARA Safety's revolutionary Fire Interruption Technology (FIT) fire knock down tool is saving lives and reducing property loss in cities and towns across North America.ARA Safety's fire and life safety technologies also include the Zero Combustion line of fire proof sprays, paints and coatings, and its world leading line of Photoluminescent products. ARA Safety's technologies have been used by NASA, the Pentagon, the United States Military and are featured prominently on the Vancouver Shangri-La. ARA Safety Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada. To learn more about ARA Safety visit,

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