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Spotlighting the passion and perseverance of firefighters, the Better Every Shift Podcast helps all firefighters get better every day, every call, every shift.

Hosted by Madison (Wisconsin) Fire Lieutenant Aaron Zamzow and FireRescue1 Editor-in-Chief Janelle Foskett, the show brings kitchen table conversations to the airwaves, always focused on solutions, positivity and the realities of station life. Zamzow and guests tackle myriad hot topics, fire service news, plus a dash of pop culture, bringing some levity to the often very serious nature of the profession. Dig into what drives firefighters to improve themselves, their crew, even the fire service as a whole. Listen in to get better every day, every call, every shift.

New episodes of the Better Every Shift podcast launch every Thursday on as well as major podcast platforms. A video version of the podcast will air on YouTube.

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The FSRI’s research program manager details the changes ahead and what fire service leaders can do right now to prepare
Firefighter Philip Clark talks career changes later in life, health hurdles and wins, and passion for the job
Eric Linnenburger shares his insights on officer development, plus his own recent promotion from battalion to deputy chief
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Live at FDIC, Better Every Shift cohost Aaron Zamzow is capturing attendees improvement strategies
The battalion chief explains his empathy for firefighters who are burned out or not feeling passion for the job – because he’s been there
“Our goal is to make sure that when you leave, you are not just more knowledgeable, but also more inspired,” says NFA Superintendent Eriks Gabliks
The Fairfax County (Virginia) firefighter-paramedic talks crew bonding, firefighter reproductive health, and banishing ego to create space for vulnerable conversations
Dr. Rachelle Zemlok takes the Better Every Shift crew inside the psychologist’s office during First Responder Wellness Week
Through running, Glaze finds a powerful tool for managing stress and improving mental health
The former first responder shares his personal mental health struggles and urges others to build a support system
Truckee Meadows Firefighter-Paramedic Alex Hughes and Captain Greg Lompa on the harrowing call involving the “Avengers” actor
The Eugene Springfield (Oregon) Fire battalion chief details the importance of a shared vision of learning and training at every organization
The CEO of the Spartan endurance sports brand wants to help 100 million people get fit – now 101 million with his offer of a free race for all firefighters
The president of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network – who just worked the Super Bowl – considers similarities between preparing for big events and preventing the Big C
The Fairfax County battalion chief on the power of professional development for your members
CSU’s fire and EMS academic program director explains how to put your advanced degree to work – fast
The firefighter-influencer shares his love of making videos and poking fun of the industry – but mostly himself
Dr. Danny Evans, aka “The Language Tutor,” shares simple keywords, directives and questions that all firefighters should know
7 habits can change everything, especially when you do them for 50 days
The sleep expert details three factors to manage within the shift work system to maintain proper day/night sleep signals
Classic movies everyone is still watching in the firehouse, top shows of the year, plus resolutions and “words for 2024”
With most lawsuits stemming from within the FD, officers must learn to identify and manage conflict-seeking members most likely to turn problems into litigation
Fire service leaders urge firefighters to get ready for this even-faster growing type of fire
It’s important to connect with your fellow firefighters, get involved in training, and avoid silos
The FDNY chief of safety – and Better Every Shift’s first guest – returns a year later to talk leadership, safety and training
Firefighter Amanda Keesey shares great gift ideas for this holiday season
Dr. Derrick Edwards – a firefighter, professor, counselor and chaplain – details psych concepts that impact firefighter work and home life
As NFFF liaison to the FDNY, Minogue works to support firefighters and their families – and pay forward positivity