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From the specifications for soft goods to ratings for electronics in explosive environments, the upcoming consolidation of standards will offer greater protection for firefighters
Answering the most common questions, including how well Li-ion battery fire contaminants can be removed through PPE cleaning
How to apply these guides – and where they can be improved for increased use among firefighters
Overcoming complexities and learning how firefighters can impact PPE requirements
The next edition of NFPA 1851 may give detergent or cleaning agent suppliers a means to legitimately claim compliance with the standard
A review of hood changes over time, plus the likely outcomes from mandating particulate-blocking hoods
Detailing emerging issues of concern with respect to PPE programs, gear selection, cleaning and decontamination, verification for ISPs, and PPE retirement
How to use an ISP to navigate the implementation of your NFPA 1851 PPE program
Gain insight into the future of firefighting PPE standards with Jeff Stull as he answers FireRescue1 readers’ most pressing inquiries
Understanding the various factors that impact PPE service life – and why retirement rules aren’t so simple
Determining what gear can be reasonably expected to survive and for how long is still subject to interpretation
What you need to know about how these updates will impact your fire department in the years ahead
Get an early look at the changes on the table and their likely consequences, and learn more about the decision to restructure PPE-focused standards
The overcrowded club lacked the required exits, firewalls and fire alarms in the 1977 tragedy
Government officials hear testimonies about challenges involving recruitment, cancer, mental health, EVs, climate change and beyond
Speedlays provide quick deployment of attack lines to the fire, which is what we need as the fire grows faster and faster on today’s modern fireground
Connect with RAs to help share kitchen safety tips, provide fire extinguisher training, and underscore proper use of small appliances
Use data to focus your cooking safety messaging on the issues and areas that need it most
The fire service must walk the walk in our support of residential sprinklers
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