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Need the most up-to-date news on fireground operations, incident command, recruiting, staffing, training, leadership and firefighter safety? Catch up on the latest news in the fire service world.

Sacramento’s Squad 102 will be staffed by paramedics and is expected to respond to over 3,000 calls a year
A Denham Springs firefighter was injured when their fire engine was involved in a collision
The NOPEC Foundation awarded a $39,500 grant to the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team
Can-Am Police-Fire Games is a multi-sport, Olympic-style event that features traditional sports and competitions that include skills used in first responders’ day-to-day work
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Freddy Flores succumbed to burn injuries after a fire inside a
Weekend storms caused destruction, power outages across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kentucky
Quantico firefighters help Chuck Eley and his volunteers place over 45,000 flags
Cobb County firefighters, police officer helped a young boy reach his dream of becoming a first responder
Funding for a new Plaistow fire engine comes from the Volkswagon violation of the Clean Air Act
Eamonn Walker’s character moves up the ladder at the end of Season 12
Rope rescue work used to save victim at Great Falls in Salisbury
Sprinklers knocked down the fire inside the Haywood Regional Medical Center in Clyde
The Seminole County Fire Department’s Save-A-Life program helped train Winter Springs High School students in hands-only CPR
Videos show firefighters running to escape a collapsing wall during a fire in Pottsville
Mutual aid response in Spring Lake for a commercial structure fire
San Bernardino County authorities said the man had set fire to the school while students, staff were inside
Two Kansas City firefighters were hospitalized after being injured during a house fire that was spreading to other homes
Portsmouth firefighters faced a large boat burning inside the warehouse
BRINC unveils the Responder drone and Responder Station, a new drone platform and docking station, to enable city-wide drone as first responder deployments.
Investigators determined that multiple lithium-ion batteries charging inside the Stacyville firehouse were the cause of the fire
Waterford Fire Chief Kevin Hafemann resigned after a meeting that the former fire commission chair said violates state law
Tualatin Valley firefighters had to stabilize several vehicles during two separate extrications
A Londonderry firefighter was injured during an MVC that involved several auto maintenance chemicals
Firefighters from three departments are recognized for their quick work with CPR and an AED
Uvalde families file suit against nearly 100 state police officers following a report that listed “cascading failures” in training, communication, leadership and technology problems
One of the Triana Fire Department’s newer fire engines was involved in a crash
Change in Fort Worth will make MedStar employees members of the fire department
Colorado Springs firefighters used a ladder truck during the technical rescue at a UCHealth Memorial Central Hospital parking lot
While there may be fire engines and a firehouse, sometimes we are just fooling the public – and ourselves
Divers from multiple agencies are using sonar and infrared technology in the search for survivors
The message: Authorize full funding for the USFA plus the AFG and SAFER grant programs
Recent incidents highlight issues of favoritism and territorialism clouding decisions around mutual-aid response
Leaders must ensure that the necessary counseling and recovery resources are available for their responders
As we examine our October LODDs, one by painful one, we must pause to consider how to prevent similar circumstances at our own departments
To prepare for the 2024 hurricane and wildfire seasons, the Un-carrier has ramped up its disaster preparedness efforts with more network hardening, new response vehicles, additional deployed 2.5GHz spectrum and a new community support program
Innovative technology removes up to 98% of contaminants from turnout gear
June event in Ontario will honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of firefighters
Carter and the Hamden Fire Department received gifts and equipment from Ready Rack and Seek Thermal
Firefighters in Waterford were initially dispatched for a person injured in a fall
Kirk Grau and Wade Fossum will represent Super Vac and Command Light at upcoming industry events