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Need the most up-to-date news on fireground operations, incident command, recruiting, staffing, training, leadership and firefighter safety? Catch up on the latest news in the fire service world.

Chris Lombard was presented the Chief Harlin R. McEwen Public Safety Broadband Communications Award
Save on charging stations, fitness and outdoor essentials, from Pelotons to camping tents
Texas A&M Forest Service said the firefighter is held on a $300,000 bond for setting multiple brush fires
In 2023, a Labrador with the University of South Carolina PD, trained in detecting firearms and explosives, won the Law Enforcement and First Responder category
N.Y. fire officials said the proposed standards are costly and could affect recruitment and response times.
The lawsuit alleges women were barred from becoming paramedics by unnecessary physical tests
South Sioux City voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to use sales tax revenue for hiring firefighters
Affton Fire Protection District Captain James Cova was known as a dedicated member with more than 23 years of service
Fort Myers Fire Department officials plan to make Nathaniel Lee Wilcox an honorary firefighter
Officials said the plane was scooping water from the Hauser Reservoir while fighting the Horse Gulch Fire northeast of Helena
Two Corinth firefighters were some of the first firefighters on the scene of the Shiloh Full Gospel Church fire
Lowe’s Hometowns will be funding $620K to renovate first responder facilities, including updates to police department lobbies, making fire departments comfortable and more
Clay City Fire Department officials placed a firefighter on leave after a photo showed him wearing an FD T-shirt while riding outside of a car
The former Bedford firefighter alleges the harassment created a fear of “physical violence and/or sabotage”
15 people died in the Elliott Chambers rooming house fire in Beverly in 1984
Chittenden Captain Charlie Parker was found unresponsive inside the fire station
The Fire Grants and Safety Act reauthorizes SAFER and AFG grant programs through fiscal year 2028
Firefighters from Riley County receive funding from tax insurance companies for equipment and resources
St. Paul police said the car struck a tree and a light pole before starting to burn
Singac Fire Chief Vincent Dransfield was buried with his favorite hat proclaiming him the “oldest active fireman in the U.S.A.”
The Kansas City Star seeks the unredacted information in a dispute between the city and union over the firefighter’s employment
Firefighters searched twice for the missing man during the fire after being told he was inside
Officials say the bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx was stuck in the open position due to overheating
The Harris building in San Bernardino County has holes in the floors, damaged stairwells and open elevator shafts
Sun Prairie Firefighter Cory Barr was killed while evacuating people from a gas leak in 2018
15 inmates at Rikers Island claim they were kept in locked rooms during the 2023 fire that injured 20
Boone County Fire Protection District Assistant Fire Chief Matt Tobben and another firefighter had rescued two people when their boat capsized
Colona Fire Chief John Swan said the proposed standards could lead to longer response times and more people dying
While there may be fire engines and a firehouse, sometimes we are just fooling the public – and ourselves
Divers from multiple agencies are using sonar and infrared technology in the search for survivors
The message: Authorize full funding for the USFA plus the AFG and SAFER grant programs
Recent incidents highlight issues of favoritism and territorialism clouding decisions around mutual-aid response
Leaders must ensure that the necessary counseling and recovery resources are available for their responders
As we examine our October LODDs, one by painful one, we must pause to consider how to prevent similar circumstances at our own departments
Why exhaust removal systems are essential
Providing a safer work environment for first responders
Firefighters in Elmwood Park cut down a fence at the rear of the motel to reach the trapped guest
Charlotte firefighters worked to stabilize the car on the ninth floor and keep it from falling
Donna Eiden said she and her husband were sleeping inside the bus when it began to roll down the street crashing into signs, pole
Many of Gerber’s most popular knives and multi-tools for on- or off-duty everyday carry are on sale
The BLUETTI portable power station quickly, and quietly, charges radios, smartphones and other devices when other power sources are not available