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Two of the victims were critically injured in the explosion at a popular dining and shopping area in Whittier
The memorial scholarship was set up to honor Stormy McInerny, a former engineer/paramedic with North County Fire Protection District
Over 100 emergency vehicles took part in the procession carrying former fire chief Corey Comperatore to his hometown of Freeport
Dispatch centers across the country reported disruptions due to the Microsoft 365 outage, including having to write 911 calls on paper to share with first responders
Firefighter Marvin Gruber and First Assistant Chief Zachary Paris of the Community Fire Company died of asphyxia and thermal injuries in the 2022 fire
East County and Clark-Cowlitz fire chiefs understand security concerns but say a lack of access slows first responders
CrowdStrike is actively working with customers impacted by a defect found in a single content update for Windows hosts
The Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company said there was a limited amount of space on the back of Corey Comperatore’s coat
Approximately 100 Portland firefighters responded to a fire involving a large pile of scrap metal at a recycling plant
The Vancouver Fire Department’s leave-behind program aims to reduce second overdoses among patients who initially refused treatment
Eric Trump told an official that someone from the family will be in attendance at the funeral for Firefighter Corey Comperatore
FLORIAN software is designed to increase on-site safety, simplify incident management processes, and provide real-time situational updates
A Coon Creek firefighter was killed and two firefighters were injured when their fire engine crashed
The Longview Fire Department’s new fire engine cost approximately $740K
Officials recognized the need to rebuild the site’s infrastructure to handle increased traffic during wildfire season
Mercer County fire departments received money for new equipment and fire apparatus
Animal Rescue
The barefoot wrangler, MMA firefighter and Marine is seen snaring the alligator inside Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department’s Station 31
FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said she wrestled with the decision for many months
Fire departments surrounding Birmingham have new fire stations under construction to meet the demands of a growing population
Rescue Specialist and Paramedic Matthew King of Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue and three sheriff’s office members were killed while returning from a wildfire
First H.E.L.P. is honoring first responders who have died by suicide, ensuring they are remembered for how they lived, not how they died
A St. Louis firefighter admitted to stealing a wallet and credit card from a patient during a fatal crash
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Orlando attorney Dan Newlin is also giving $100,000 to the families of those injured at the rally
A Marlborough woman is facing several charges after striking another vehicle and punching a firefighter
Cleveland legislators intend to spend $18M to replace hundreds of radios used by first responders
No Modesto firefighters were injured when an explosion blew the roof off a historic house, falling onto the front yard
First responders are turning to ice baths to quickly cool overheated Floridians
Following the Trump assassination attempt, first responders are fired or suspended for their social media comments
As we honor a fallen brother, we must consider our personal readiness to face tragedy and take action
We must consider patient evacuation, resource allocation and training ourselves and our communities in the wake of an assassination attempt on former President Trump
While there may be fire engines and a firehouse, sometimes we are just fooling the public – and ourselves
Divers from multiple agencies are using sonar and infrared technology in the search for survivors
The message: Authorize full funding for the USFA plus the AFG and SAFER grant programs
Kosciewicz brings over 25 years of experience in direct response retail, product management, ecommerce, and operations to his new role
Why exhaust removal systems are essential
Providing a safer work environment for first responders
Firefighters in Elmwood Park cut down a fence at the rear of the motel to reach the trapped guest
Charlotte firefighters worked to stabilize the car on the ninth floor and keep it from falling
Donna Eiden said she and her husband were sleeping inside the bus when it began to roll down the street crashing into signs, pole
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