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Legal Issues

Newport News first responders had not followed protocols and incorrectly declared Quandrell Williams dead
A group of chiefs are arguing that Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh demoted them due to age
Regular training helps agencies ensure their personnel are not only compliant but also prepared to handle the complexities of their roles
Flag code requests we follow specific guidelines when displaying the American flag at our stations and on fire apparatus
The East Franklin Fire Department has until June 30 to sign a contract or turn in gear and cease operations
Juries in multiple verdicts have ordered PacifiCorp to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to victims
St. Paul Firefighter Tim Morin had pled guilty to shooting a teen in an alleged drug deal
Fire Chief
Video shows the St. Pete Beach district chief intentionally driving into a bicyclist on the median
Fire Chief
Waterford Fire Chief Kevin Hafemann agreed to drop pending complaints and an open records request
Manhattan Beach firefighters sue city officials for failing to fill vacant positions and requiring overtime shifts
Waterford Fire Chief Kevin Hafemann resigned after a meeting that the former fire commission chair said violates state law
Uvalde families file suit against nearly 100 state police officers following a report that listed “cascading failures” in training, communication, leadership and technology problems
Colleen Windsor claimed the Orange County Fire Authority had a “well-documented history of chauvinism and misogyny”
Bill sets standards for batteries and firefighting equipment
Four firefighters were seriously injured after being trapped in a fire while the closest ladder company was out of service for medical exams
Orange County Fire Authority’s Organizational Doctrine became a North Star for the agency
Federal prosecutors alleged that Cobb County’s firefighter hiring discriminated against African-American applicants
Maui officials say other methods of alerting residents would have been used if they knew of cellphone outages
An investigation is underway into how the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department had funds stolen during the purchase of ambulances
Video is the latest in a dispute between a Piscataway fire chief and a neighbor over a shared alleyway
Federal lawsuit claims violations prevented egress, impeded rescue operations and led to the deaths in the SouthPark 5-alarm fire
Aldermen, residents criticized fire department leaders for not being at a meeting about race, discrimination and lawsuits in the department
Former Easthampton Firefighter was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years probation
Fire Chief
Baltimore County Fire Chief Joanne Rund led the department through the pandemic and collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge
Firefighter Joseph Johns served with the Eagan and Eden Prairie fire departments
DEA proposal would make marijuana a Schedule III drug but not make it legal for recreational use
A man entered the Marietta firehouse and museum in the early morning hours vandalizing items on display
Captain Jerry Boylan of The Conception will also receive supervised release after the deadliest maritime disaster in recent U.S. history