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New contract would relinquish sovereign immunity for San Diego County tribal fire departments
The Columbia River Fire District and the firefighters’ union must rework salaries and wage scale information
Central County Fire and Rescue Firefighter David Horning was fired two years before his retirement while he was pursuing a light-duty assignment
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
Two workers were killed in the massive SouthPark construction site fire in Charlotte in May
Officials say Firefighter Ron Cato fails to qualify for assistance due to the minimum full-time service requirment
The FDNY has recorded 243 fires, 124 injuries and 17 deaths related to lithium-ion batteries in 2023
Buffalo Firefighter Jason Arno’s widow targets the FD over training, equipment as well as the contractor
The captain of the Conception was found guilty of seaman’s manslaughter in deadly maritime disaster
Two House bills tackle membership, participation in hate groups and new public expressions of hate
An investigation into a complaint in the Casper Fire-EMS Department led to a greater review of sexual harassment, workplace hostility policies
A physician for Pasco County never saw Firefighter William Hammond, or his medical records, and claimed the cancer was not aggressive
An internal investigation found that Kansas City Firefighter Brenda Paikowski was “more likely than not” subjected to three years of harassment in violation of city policies
Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s administration planned to have a hearing officer rule, in public, on discipline instead of an arbitration process