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Labor and Union Issues

Firefighting was crowned most-stressful job; understanding what makes it so is key to reducing that stress
State fire association official believes improvements are needed but proposed regulations are not achievable for small departments
Modesto officials increased the amount of annual raises and other financial benefits
A review of statements and resources from the USFA, NVFC, OSHA Training Institute Education and Firefighters Association of the State of New York
Members of IAFF Local I-66 agreed to overtime pay for 24-hour shifts and annual raises
Manhattan Beach firefighters sue city officials for failing to fill vacant positions and requiring overtime shifts
The Roswell Fire Department is beginning a pilot program with a new shift schedule to counter the health risks of sleep deprivation
Boeing locked out firefighters and hired replacements after the union rejected a pay offer 20% below the average of neighboring departments
Fire Chief
Baltimore County Fire Chief Joanne Rund led the department through the pandemic and collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge
The aircraft manufacturer stated it has locked its firefighters out of the bargaining unit and brought in replacements
Virginia Beach Fire Chief Ken Pravetz is asking the city for 140 more firefighters after spending $3.7M in overtime
Wichita union president said the assignment was mandatory and that it placed citizens at risk of a delayed response
Three people were killed when a Kansas City fire engine struck a vehicle and crashed into a building
Council petition seeks to cut the time spent in training in half, getting cadets into the academy faster
Tampa union leader said his arrest was due to the city punishing him for his union advocacy
Camden union leaders say not having reliable trucks has created a perilous problem that already may have been tied to a resident dying in a recent house fire
Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn reversed course after appointing herself as head of the department in latest confrontation with union
Raleigh PIO Julia Milstead said the video filmed in Station 12 is not reflective of the city’s and department’s values
Medford firefighters’ union filed a lawsuit to collect backpay after mayor claims firefighters organized a mass sickout
Brooklyn Supreme Court judge ruled the inspection allegations are “unnecessary” to the age discrimination lawsuit from several chiefs
Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn accused FFs of organizing a sickout
Union President John Sibiga said the report shows the Baltimore County Fire Department “lacks sufficient fiscal, physical, and human resources to accomplish its core mission”
Baltimore County Fire Department cited for 11 “serious” violations in an investigation of a mayday during a three-alarm commercial structure fire
Newark Public Safety Director, and former fire chief, Rufus Jackson testified that years had gone by with no training for ship fires
A Virginia Beach task force made recommendations regarding bargaining units, salaries and working conditions
Boston, Worcester and 31 other cities and towns will receive less money than expected
Mayor Eric Adams announced a reversal to proposed staffing cuts, layoffs of firefighters on long-term disability
Firefighters and legislators have been working to reduce exposure to PFAS in turnout gear