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Firefighter Cancer

The cancer resource page features news, information, videos, podcasts and feature articles about this massive health issue facing the fire service.

Sea-Tac firefighters were often covered in the foams during training exercises and fires
The lawsuit by unions and individual firefighters against 3M and other companies seeks over $5M under the Connecticut Product Liability Act
Providing a safer work environment for first responders
There is always the chance that something will happen that we have no control over; it’s those fears that keep us up at night
Highland Heights firefighters take the Galleri test to identify cancer early
Assembly Bill 2408 heads to the Senate for approval
Stay safe under the sun with these 10 expert tips on preventing and treating sunburn
With an increased risk of developing skin cancer, firefighters should follow simple steps to avoid sunburn
Detailing how CAFS helps reduce exposure to chemicals, chemical compounds, and carcinogens during interior structural firefighting
Supporters of the ban believe it will push manufacturers to avoid using the cancer-causing chemicals
The Smilow Cancer Hospital identified noted at least five firefighters had biopsies and were referred to dermatologists for additional diagnosis
Fayetteville Fire Department Battalion Chief John Bowen, 35, died six months after being diagnosed with colon cancer
Fire service leader, FireRescue1 contributor used writing to share his cancer experience with other firefighters
The department tripled the number of firefighters completing annual blood screenings with on-site events
No matter the choice, Fire-Dex provides firefighters with the most breathable composites on the market
The Texas A&M Forest Service and Stanford University School of Medicine collected data from firefighters wearing an Apple Watch and air quality sensor
The $3M initiative has led fire departments to turn in hundreds of gallons of AFFF
Approximately 4,000 firefighters would be eligible for screening if legislation passes
Westport Firfefighter Paul Spennato tells other firefighter to be vigilant and wear gear only when necessary
Travis and Jason Kelce visited the Brookline Volunteer Fire Company after learning about a firefighting family’s loss
Twin Falls Fire Station No. 3 was designed to reduce firefighters’ exposure to carcinogens
FRCE’s Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance spotlighted four efforts to minimize occupational cancer risks
Fire chiefs underscore the urgent need to ensure a safe working environment for all personnel
Early ventilation is a key element in reducing cancer risk for firefighters
Follow these tips for grant funding exhaust removal systems for your fire department
The Neosho Fire Department used AFG funds to exhaust removal systems in two firehouses
The president of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network – who just worked the Super Bowl – considers similarities between preparing for big events and preventing the Big C
As far back as the 2000s firefighters assigned to Station 31 claimed the firehouse was making them sick