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As part of the FireRescue1 Legislation & Funding topic, we highlight articles that will affect the bottom line of fire department budgets and operations. From federal spending bills and grant opportunities to healthcare coverage and mental health accommodations, we relay public safety legislation news as it happens. In addition, our columnists weigh in with articles on the impact of cutbacks, how to run successful community fundraisers and how to fund training through grants. To get information about managing fire department budgets and other funding and legislation issues right in your inbox, subscribe to the FireRescue1 Fire Chief newsletter.

A funding plan will increase firefighter staffing on Ross Valley fire apparatus to three-person engine companies
Yakima County Fire District will use funds for firehouse expansions, a new dispatch center and apparatus
Beneficiaries will receive payments as early as April to June of next year
82% of U.S. fire departments are all or mostly volunteer and, often, their funding depends on people stepping up to help
A $632K budget increase will improve the staffing at the Ross Valley Fire Department
West Deer Township residents approved a fire tax change from flat fee to millage rate
Voters in Auburn approved funding that would relocate a ladder truck and provide decontamination and training space
Fire Chief Rod Smith said orders have already been placed, taking up to three years to receive
Goshen city leaders approved raises after an independent study reviewed municipal jobs
Tipp City officials highlighted staffing and response time improvements in a budget review
The Montville firefighters union president says data on staffing, overtime, mutual aid requests can show the need to hire more firefighters
Centre County Public Safety Training Center’s expansion highlights the growing education of first responders
With program “sunset” on the horizon, National Advisory Council members converge to call on Congress to take action for America’s fire service
Chester County commissioners approved a property tax rebate for members of fire and EMS departments