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Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and retention is one of the most critical topics in the fire service, particularly the volunteer fire service, which has long been seeking to attract and maintain members. The recruitment and retention resource page provides critical content to help fire departments manage their personnel, from articles that inform prospective members are life as a volunteer to podcasts about recruitment best practices to new techniques being used to encourage new members, and so much more.

U.S. citizenship as a pre-requisite could be removed for first responder jobs
N.Y. fire officials said the proposed standards are costly and could affect recruitment and response times.
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SAFER grant will allow Mankato Public Safety to put a day shift at Station2
Rockford firefighters and the Illinois Fire Service Institute joined together to create a skills event for fire department cadets
Fire service leaders must shift their recruitment and retention strategies
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Firefighting is a tough business, and firefighters — more than most other professionals — need to possess a multitude of skills and talents
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Manhattan Beach firefighters sue city officials for failing to fill vacant positions and requiring overtime shifts
The Florida fire department’s targeted approach to mental health has resulted in lower turnover rate and enhanced recruitment efforts