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Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and retention is one of the most critical topics in the fire service, particularly the volunteer fire service, which has long been seeking to attract and maintain members. The recruitment and retention resource page provides critical content to help fire departments manage their personnel, from articles that inform prospective members are life as a volunteer to podcasts about recruitment best practices to new techniques being used to encourage new members, and so much more.

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Maryville Fire Chief Doug Dankenbring incentivized more responses and included time spent on calls
North Haven Lieutenant Chris Shea created “Hero to Hero” to help veterans find careers in public safety
The Winslow Township Fire Department created one “super station” to deal with a decrease in firefighter staffing
Waterford administrator offered a plan to create a new EMS department as part of a larger reorganization
Aldermen, residents criticized fire department leaders for not being at a meeting about race, discrimination and lawsuits in the department
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The HERo’s Girl’s Fire Camp in Solano County empowers young women to consider a career in fire, EMS
The U.S. Forest Service has created 44 leadership teams for large fires and hopes to hire over 11,000 firefighters
Pine Hill Fire Department Chief Jessica Calandra looks at recruitment, morale and EMS challenges in the community
New Haven Fire Chief Fire Chief John Alston said the department has 15 paramedics compared to 50 the department normally has
21 Carroll County fire, EMS employees have either quit or been fired in the last 10 months