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The search and rescue topic covers news about SAR operations as well as the latest tips and tactics for rescue, search and rescue, and technical rescue. Browsing this topic will teach you the basics of fireground search operations, how to choose the right tools for forced entry, SAR training tips and need-to-know acronyms for guiding your SAR strategy. Also, read inspiring stories about successful rescue missions with key lessons and takeaways. For even more rescue products, check the rescue and technical rescue product categories.

A carnival crisis, cliffhangers, underground escapes and fiery extractions: First responders answered the call in 2023
Major responses, award and honors, conflicts overseas, devastating wildfires and e-Bike blazes made headlines
Your go-to options include a Halligan, roof hook, flathead ax, force wedge, thermal imager and flashlight
USAR TF-8’s cattle dog, Staffordshire bull terrier mix works to rescue live victims
Two workers were killed when the 11-story abandoned building collapsed while being prepared for demolition
Martin County Judge Executive Lon Lafferty said they have not had any communication with the second worker in the coal plant collapse
Rescuers are in contact with one worker buried in the collapse of a multi-story plant in Martin County
One worker is dead and another trapped in the collapse of an 11-story coal plant in Martin County
Vernon firefighters trained on search, hoselines and ventilation at a restaurant before demolition
ARGO commercial dealers got their first change to see and test drive the ARGO Sasquatch XTX
Barrow County firefighters faced heavy fire at the front of the house and were shown a bedroom window where the child would be
Firefighters in Enfield ran an aggressive attack on a house fire that displaced nearly a dozen occupants
Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
Video shows when the top floor of the Old Havana building collapsed while firefighters inside were doing a search
Emphasize life safety by ensuring all residents have working smoke detectors – a 50-year-old technology recommended by the “America Burning” report