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The search and rescue topic covers news about SAR operations as well as the latest tips and tactics for rescue, search and rescue, and technical rescue.

Nine people were injured in a fire in a Brooklyn apartment building after a suspect poured a flammable liquid inside the hallway
From pliers to nylon webbing, get the tools every new firefighters needs to stash away
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15 people died in the Elliott Chambers rooming house fire in Beverly in 1984
The second your boots hit the floor, your priority is to close the interior door
Reviewing how to initiate VEIS and step-by-step procedures for conducting this essential operation
There are hundreds of acronyms in the fire service, but these two are a must for fireground operations
The Harris building in San Bernardino County has holes in the floors, damaged stairwells and open elevator shafts
Boone County Fire Protection District Assistant Fire Chief Matt Tobben and another firefighter had rescued two people when their boat capsized
Syracuse firefighters said they saw so many people on the scene that it was tough to tell who was a victim
4 people were injured, 1 critically during the 2-alarm fire in Brooklyn
Tarkington Captain Doc Sikes knew he was going to be the only volunteer available to respond due to work schedules
Download this FireRescue1 rescue equipment buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Firefighters in the Skywalker Couloir area saw the skier fall, called 911 and descended to reach the injured man
Charlotte firefighters quickly extinguished a fire in an old control tower at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Firefighters in Elmwood Park cut down a fence at the rear of the motel to reach the trapped guest
Two Clearview Fire Department firefighters were trapped when the roof of a burning garage collapsed in Curwensville Borough
Three firefighters were sent to the hospital during what Miami Mayor Francis Suarez called one of the worst fires in decades
Miami Fire Rescue officials said many elderly and immobile occupants were rescued from balconies
Firefighters faced hoarding conditions inside the burning Dorchester house, slowing the attack on the fire
As fire blocked his escape, Lieutenant Mark Russo moved toward the sound of the SCBA alarm to find the unresponsive firefighter
The medal is named after Battalion Chief Thomas J. Neary who worked in the Bronx and Harlem during years of increased fire activity
Westborough firefighters rescued two people during a 2-alarm house fire
DIY first aid kits can be lower cost, more compact and disposable; these quick medic kits are simple to build and carry on every apparatus
Body-worn-camera footage shows a Youngstown firefighter climbing down into the rubble to rescue a victim
An explosion inside a Youngstown building collapsed the first floor into the basement
Here’s how to avoid common vehicle rescue mistakes and get the most out of our extrication tools
Rip and blitz challenges: Use your cutter/spreader for car side removal extrication