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Natural Disaster

Major responses, award and honors, conflicts overseas, devastating wildfires and e-Bike blazes made headlines
Costa Mesa firefighters, Project Independence members gave disaster preparedness training to adults living with intellectual disabilities
A California fire department and utility company devised the exercise to underscore National Preparedness Month messaging to plan for disasters
Flooding washed out the bridge serving as the only road access for some Leominster residents
Officials in Leominster said residents near a dam should “immediately evacuate” as a precaution
Lessons learned from past storms and preparations for Hurricane Hilary played a part in having zero fatalities
Only 115 bodies have been recovered in the wildfire and fewer than half of have been identified
A social media roundup of how some fire departments took action as Hurricane Idalia made landfall
Idalia made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph
The Category 3 storm struck an area still dealing with damage from Hurricane Ian last year
Idalia is expected to make landfall Wednesday bringing storm surge and flooding
Pressure is on the dogs and handlers to find the remains of victims and provide closure
President Joe Biden met with officials and first responders in the aftermath of a wildfire that killed at least 115 people
Crews worked to clear mud, dig roads and deal with flooding from Tropical Storm Hilary
Preparation and early warning are critical, but there’s no guarantee we can match Mother Nature’s forces