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911 and Dispatch

Snohomish County 911 and Valley Com 911 successfully executed a live 911 call re-routing drill on June 5, confirming the vision that has been four years in the making
It’s up to each of us to do the work and ensure we’re complementing each other’s missions
Reflecting on the impact of the company’s fire service impact, plus a look to the future
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National 911 Program has gathered a variety of resources to help you celebrate your colleagues and other 911 centers
First responders in Santa Fe County are currently using an unsecure, aging system with many dead spots
New London firefighters have relied on an antiquated, low-tech system to be alerted to calls
“I hope by inviting a current 911 dispatcher, I am able to bring awareness to this important issue and my bill, the 911 Saves Act to finally give them the recognition and resources they need and deserve,” Rep. Norma Torres said
First responder agencies across the country had suggested residents use a landline to report an emergency during the outage
As part of a $6.3 billion investment, FirstNet will become the exclusive wireless network to offer first responders uninterrupted priority and preemption across the entire AT&T 5G spectrum
Union President John Sibiga said the report shows the Baltimore County Fire Department “lacks sufficient fiscal, physical, and human resources to accomplish its core mission”
New Mexico tops the list of U.S. states in terms of 911 call frequency, with 1,169 calls per 1,000 residents
Cellphone carriers are now required to send first responders based on the location of the caller, rather than the nearest cell tower
Orange County residents dialing 911 will have a text option that will allow them to livestream a video to a dispatcher
Ill. OSHA report highlights accountability, communication among several errors in the death of a relatively new firefighter
Dispatchers overwhelmed by initial fire calls were inundated by calls looking for missing persons, trapped tourists
Wichita firefighters flag a problematic call after responding to a medical emergency and finding a structure fire
“Yo there’s a big explosion here,” one caller said when reporting the blast at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth
Firefighters and U.S. Secret Service personnel responded to a report of fire and people trapped
Deputy Commissioner JonPaul Augier looks back on the deployment of FireCAD system and other tech improvements
The Wichita firefighters’ union claims the Sedgwick County 911 dispatcher didn’t use locating tools for a 22-year-old who died in an apartment fire
The union for Wichita firefighters claims dispatchers did not relay information about where the victim was trapped
EMT Frederick D. Whiteside, 43, was a veteran of 22 years at the FDNY
Artificial intelligence is being tested to see how it can answer non-emergency calls, reducing dispatchers’ workload
At least 98 people were killed and over 2,000 structures destroyed in the Lahaina wildfire
The AskRail program gives dispatchers information on train contents and provides FFs with hazmat training additional chemical details
Orange County Fire Authority Probationary Dispatcher Chris Carvalho had only been on the job for three months
75% of respondents said the high-stress nature of the job was the major factor in staffing shortages