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Communications and Interoperability

The communications and interoperability resource page is designed to help firefighters keep up with the latest communications gear and best practices in mutual-aid and interoperability.

County-wide mutual aid drill in Monterey focused on firefighting and communication
Snohomish County 911 and Valley Com 911 successfully executed a live 911 call re-routing drill on June 5, confirming the vision that has been four years in the making
First responders from the Quad-Cities region worked on rescue task force and EMS best practices
The fire department’s PSA to outdoor enthusiasts went viral on social media as temperatures soared above 100 degrees in Arizona
Firefighters from Cambridge and other departments battled a fire in a former tuxedo shop
Fire Chief
Keep clear and visible lines of command and continuously observe, orient, decide and act to bring calm to the chaos at an emergency scene
Maui officials say other methods of alerting residents would have been used if they knew of cellphone outages
Partnership provides resources to collect aerial imagery of storm-damaged areas
It’s up to each of us to do the work and ensure we’re complementing each other’s missions
Fire CQI allows fire departments to synchronize review and reporting processes, configure software and address inefficiencies and challenges
The guide is a reference tool for emergency managers and first responders interested in learning about the products, services and capabilities available with FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network
Reflecting on the impact of the company’s fire service impact, plus a look to the future
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National 911 Program has gathered a variety of resources to help you celebrate your colleagues and other 911 centers
The Maui fire report points at equipment, communication and a lack of mutual aid plans
This guide will help you submit a successful application, enabling your agency to meet its funding requirements and effectively tackle future challenges
First responders in Santa Fe County are currently using an unsecure, aging system with many dead spots
Mason City firefighters trained on working in large spaces inside North Iowa Area Community College’s old cafeteria
New London firefighters have relied on an antiquated, low-tech system to be alerted to calls
Communication on the fireground is made easier and safer with a personal public address system integrated into an incident command center
Launched in 2023, the Skydio X10 was specifically designed for first responders
Over 20 states have enacted legislation to provide digital mapping, site-specific labeling, critical details to first responders
“I hope by inviting a current 911 dispatcher, I am able to bring awareness to this important issue and my bill, the 911 Saves Act to finally give them the recognition and resources they need and deserve,” Rep. Norma Torres said
Lawrence County fire departments were among over 300 FDs in the state to receive a total of $4M in funding
Fremont becomes the first city to implement a drone as first responder program in both its police and fire departments
First responder agencies across the country had suggested residents use a landline to report an emergency during the outage
As part of a $6.3 billion investment, FirstNet will become the exclusive wireless network to offer first responders uninterrupted priority and preemption across the entire AT&T 5G spectrum
Union President John Sibiga said the report shows the Baltimore County Fire Department “lacks sufficient fiscal, physical, and human resources to accomplish its core mission”