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You want to be a firefighter? Good news, fire departments are looking for you!

Here’s what you can expect from a career in the fire service as you navigate the path and complete the critical steps along the way.

This special series on how to become a firefighter breaks down everything prospective and new firefighters need to know about joining the fire service. Review key aspects of the job, including the physical demands and classroom work that aids firefighters on the job. Learn how to maintain a strong work ethic and reputation to ensure you’ll make it past Round 1 of the application process.

Do you know the 11 requirements to become a firefighter so you can begin your training? This series outlines these requirements, plus the varied factors required by some fire departments, like driver’s license, background checks and physical exams. Learn what chiefs are looking for in new recruits and ensure you understand an important concept for anyone looking to work as a first responder: public trust.

Once you’ve made it through the first round, it’s time to join a fire academy. Learn the differences among the various types of academies, and how you can set yourself up for success in the process.

Finally, after completing the fire academy, it’s on to the rookie years. Get a glimpse into rookie life, with tips for how to survive as the new person on the crew.

The leap from cadet to on-shift firefighter can be daunting; here’s how to manage those first impressions you leave and build bonds with the crew
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Part 1: What to expect from a career in the fire service
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Part 2: 11 critical steps in the path to becoming a firefighter
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Part 3: Getting into a fire academy
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Part 4: Surviving the rookie years
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While completing fire academy training is a rigorous challenge that’s not for everyone, it’s a necessity if you want to enter the rewarding field of firefighting
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The firefighting career field is very competitive; here’s a quick breakdown of what you should and should not do as you prepare to join the fire service
Test how your personality aligns with the motivation, teamwork and key character traits that exemplify firefighters around the world
Success in the firefighter interview is about far more than answering the questions
We’re looking for fit, mentally tough individuals who can manage their time and demonstrate a commitment to serve
Joining the fire service? Make sure you know the basics.
A snapshot of the national, state and local requirements needed to advance in the fire service
How to use your personal playbook in the weeks, days and hours before your interview – and then what to do when it’s over