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Fire Academy

Safety Stand Down 2024 goes back to basic training
What I learned about myself – and the fire service – by attending rookie school two times, 20 years apart
Leaders who model “not knowing” foster environments where members feel they can explore new ideas and offer solutions
Don‘t relax because you got accepted to a fire academy; this is the perfect time to be proactive and get things done
While completing fire academy training is a rigorous challenge that’s not for everyone, it’s a necessity if you want to enter the rewarding field of firefighting
Allentown Assistant Fire Chief Chris Kiskeravage died in June from job-related cancer
Elevate the NFPA standard with pooled experiences from instructors to create forward-thinking, modern fireground training
In a twist on a spray-painting tradition, the 2021 academy graduates put their academy number on the inside of a Sacramento tank
Recently demoted Chief Michael Gala told Arnaldo Rodriguez not to return to the academy
Assistant Chief Kevin Brennan and Deputy Assistant Chief Charles “Chuck” Downey, who leads the FDNY Fire Academy, made requests this week
This Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department exercise guides new members and challenges them to own their vision and mission
They blame the New York State Academy of Fire Science for the death of their son, a 21-year-old Watertown firefighter who had an emergency during training
From Walmart claiming operations made a fire worse to Vanessa Bryant’s $16 million win, these are the stories that stirred discussion this year
A grand jury found that there is not enough evidence to warrant charges against anyone at the New York State Fire Academy
Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Larry Calderone cited wages and “no forced overtime ... and, arguably, greater respect” as the reason for the exodus
Tim Pfleger was injured in an accident while traveling from a fire academy in July
The move could signal that criminal charges are being considered in the death of the 21-year-old who had a medical emergency at New York State Fire Academy
Capt. James “Jim” Ellis was a “‘firefighter’s firefighter,’ a devoted family man, and the consummate professional,” said Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Chief Darryl Jones
Special Operations Deputy Chief Raymond Downey was an expert on building collapses and technical rescues
The Syracuse Fire Department recruit who helped evacuate residents before crews arrived will graduate from the training academy on May 20
A state investigation revealed troubling details about the events surrounding the death of Firefighter Peyton Morse
‘We are always there for each other’: Reflecting on the lifelong friendships formed at the NFA-adjacent pub
Emotional intelligence and conflict management skills are critical components of fire service leadership
Building resilience within our members so they trust that the fire service is still the career for them, even as it evolves
The state fire academy has replaced the plywood box in which Morse suffered a medical emergency with a mask-confidence training prop
The New York State Academy of Fire Science is “off the hook,” but Watertown Fire Chief Matthew R. Timerman has many questions
“Vincent Malveaux had everything we looked for in a member of the department,” said FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro
The facility will be used for training exercises and to house a public safety program designed to get area kids interested in becoming first responders