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Safety Stand Down 2024 goes back to basic training


Photo/Chris DelBello

As we approach the 2024 Firefighter Safety Stand Down, Lexipol is excited to present a webinar that directly addresses this year’s crucial theme: back-to-basics training, a topic of utmost relevance to America’s fire service and the public.

For all of America’s fire service and public safety servants, this webinar is a testament to your crucial role in safety-sensitive situations. Whether it’s a tactical withdrawal during an emergency medical call or a mayday situation, we understand that your reliance on fundamental basic training is what brings you back home to your families.

This webinar will focus on many of these critical situations. It will help focus additional attention on why basic training is critically important not only in the academy but also as part of a regular ongoing training program that focuses on high-risk low-frequency events. This goes back to Gordon Graham’s mantra, “predictable is preventable,” and why we need to spend more of our available training time focused on events that have the highest likelihood of causing injuries and potentially line-of-duty deaths.

This hour-long webinar will discuss how safety standards are developed, why they exist, why you should never forget what you learned in the academy, how to assess your community to improve service delivery, and how to ensure the physical and mental health of your organization’s members. In addition to myself, the speakers for this webinar include retired operations chief Ray Shanahan and the IAFC Safety Stand Down Committee Chair Deputy Chief Darren Wallentine from the Sarasota County (Florida) Fire Department.

I encourage you to join Lexipol for this webinar to learn how to adopt the back-to-basics concept for your public safety agency during the 2024 Safety Stand Down, June 16– 22, and beyond.

Bruce Bjorge’s fire service career includes more than 38 years of experience in command and training positions with career, combination, volunteer and military fire agencies. Bjorge currently serves as a battalion chief with the Western Taney County Fire District in Branson, Missouri, and as the director for fire policy sales at Lexipol. He has served as a company officer and assistant chief of training, and was previously the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) specialist for the University of Missouri Fire & Rescue Training Institute, where he managed the Mobile ARFF and other live-fire training programs. Bjorge holds Training Officer certification from the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Training Program Management course. He has been an active instructor and evaluator for the past 28 years and is a regular presenter at state, regional and national conferences and training events.