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The FireRescue1 safety resource section features fire incident news; tips for how to stay safe on scene and on the roadways; lessons learned from major incidents; videos and podcasts that highlight safety-related topics, such as fireground hazards, mayday incidents, patient interactions and hazmat exposure; the impact of leadership on safety; behavioral health issues; plus analysis from major events.

Chief Marc Bashoor details what makes this year’s event unique
Understand vehicle construction to effectively and safely manage EV fires and crashes
Key factors fire departments should consider when developing procedures for EVs and other devices powered by lithium-ion batteries
Animal Rescue
A ladder truck was used to get close to the bear in the Camp Hill park
Firefighters love testing new tactics and tools, but some methods simply don’t address the key issue with EV fires
There is always the chance that something will happen that we have no control over; it’s those fears that keep us up at night
Firefighters used defensive operations at another fire in the former Morris Brown College dormitory
State fire association official believes improvements are needed but proposed regulations are not achievable for small departments
L.A. County Engine 16 was responding to a call when a man jumped in front, climbed onboard and started hitting it
Firefighters in Elmwood Park cut down a fence at the rear of the motel to reach the trapped guest
From gathering necessities to understanding the hazards once the winds have ceased, these seven steps will ensure your community is prepared for a major storm
What it means to talk about safety and survival in an inherently unsafe profession
FireRescue1 contributors and board members share their top back-to-basics training
A review of statements and resources from the USFA, NVFC, OSHA Training Institute Education and Firefighters Association of the State of New York
Wiggins Firefighter Kaille Randolph credits her seat belt and PPE with saving her life
Safety Stand Down 2024 goes back to basic training
Miami Fire Rescue officials said many elderly and immobile occupants were rescued from balconies
Regular training helps agencies ensure their personnel are not only compliant but also prepared to handle the complexities of their roles
Firefighters faced hoarding conditions inside the burning Dorchester house, slowing the attack on the fire
Charlotte firefighters worked to stabilize the car on the ninth floor and keep it from falling
The latest methods and the strategic value of implementing Gas Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) devices
If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, it’s time to level up your training
New ordinance allows the fire chief to declare a building a “public nuisance” and have a structure torn down
The Heat and Health Index is a new tool that provides heat-health data at the ZIP code level
Firefighters had begun an interior attack on the 96-year-old building but switched to exterior operations
These products will improve visibility and keep you alert and comfortable
Bruno’s impact on the fire service is far-reaching and profound, particularly in the areas of safety, command and customer service
Reflecting on OSHA requirements and the position paper that has everyone talking