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Electric Vehicles & Fire Apparatus

Understand vehicle construction to effectively and safely manage EV fires and crashes
Key factors fire departments should consider when developing procedures for EVs and other devices powered by lithium-ion batteries
Firefighters love testing new tactics and tools, but some methods simply don’t address the key issue with EV fires
Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue is buying a Pierce Volterra fire engine with a state environment grant
Artificial intelligence will require the fire service to make even more changes than the lithium-ion battery fire response crisis
Learn which products, services and solutions garnered the most attention on the exhibit hall floor
Pierce Manufacturing is set to showcase the latest advancements in fire apparatus and groundbreaking technologies at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) 2024
The episode includes a drive-around and demonstration of the Vector, REV Group’s all-electric North American-style fire truck
From electric fire engines to enhanced communication for command, there is something for everyone to see at the show
The Denton Fire Department’s new Pierce Volterra electric fire engine will be assigned to one of the busiest firehouses in the city
Researchers are experimenting with a “self-extinguishing” battery for electric vehicles, while one car manufacturer is exploring compressed hydrogen as a fuel source
Boulder firefighters found the electric vehicle smoking and filled the box when it exploded
How the future of firefighting will be impacted by artificial intelligence, electrification and 5G communications on fire and EMS
In testimony before a House subcommittee, one fire chief stated the training alone will cost fire departments billions
San Diego firefighters said it took an “extended time” to extinguish the fire
Report, website launched with electric vehicle, energy storage information
Understanding the shift from traditional 12-volt systems to innovative 48-volt architectures, with high-voltage systems becoming the new norm
Attorney Amy Witherite, an expert in trucking safety, warns that these 80,000-pound vehicles may pose a special danger to first responders
Funding allows Boulder Fire-Rescue to buy a second Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engine
The Mesa Fire Department’s newest apparatus is Arizona’s first all-electric North American-style apparatus
Firefighters from six departments worked to extinguish a burning Tesla on I-65 in Autauga County
Fire service leaders urge firefighters to get ready for this even-faster growing type of fire
Modesto firefighters are placing electric vehicles in a large dumpster for a cool-down period after the fire
Li-ion batteries are here to stay and it’s on firefighters to keep up with advances in battery technology
St. Paul’s new Station 7 will house five vehicles including the city and state’s first electric fire engine
It’s time for the fire service to get a seat at the table of technological advancements that will impact our service delivery