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UAS, UAV and Drones

Download this FireRescue1 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
DFR provides considerable promise for increased safety, reduced response times and improved de-escalation capabilities for public safety agencies
Identifying drone needs, building training program, and deploying on the incident scene
Bill, based on concerns about hacking, faces opposition as Chinese-made drones are generally cheaper
Advancements in flight distances and speed, object identification and transport, logistics and autonomy are moving almost as fast as the industry itself
Featuring the DJI Matrice 3D/3TD drone, the DJI Dock 2 is simple to install and deploy
Launched in 2023, the Skydio X10 was specifically designed for first responders
Fremont becomes the first city to implement a drone as first responder program in both its police and fire departments
The drone’s features are specially calibrated for outdoor search-and-rescue and first-responder cases
A drone was used to help the incident commander as companies faced heavy fire on the top floor
From the first call to on-scene arrival – and everything in between – Motorola Solutions offers an integrated ecosystem of software and products to get your people the information they need faster and more accurately
The man was rescued 4 miles from where he first called rescuers and spent over an hour in the water, Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue said
Sterling firefighters completed FAA training to become certified pilots of the fire department’s new drone
The FDNY and the NYPD are reviewing drones that can drop flotation devices, electromagnetic shark deterrents
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Officials said a drone came within feet of a helicopter fighting the 150-acre Barth
Kalispell firefighters will begin training on using their drone at hazmat incidents to safely investigate the scene and take air samples
Colorado Springs firefighters now have a 24-hour drone service to assist with fireground operations and search and rescue
The Kanas City Fire Department has found its recent drone use to be effective in giving firefighters real-time information
Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit recently completed search and rescue training with two new drones
A high-rise fire in Queens and a 4-alarm fire in the Bronx sent 13 firefighters to local hospitals
2 FFs, an EMT and a tenant were injured in the multiple-alarm fire in Toms River
Proposed legislation would prod the FAA to expand the use of drones, as well as open up federal lands for testing efforts
Drones helped firefighters find hotspots and at-risk structures during a 40-acre fire in Washington City
The Rockport Rotary Club gave the fire department a DJI thermal drone after seeing a privately owned drone used during a wildfire
EMS providers transported several victims; FDNY firefighters searched the site with a robot dog and drones and used a tower ladder to remove a man from the roof
Your fire department has invested in the power; now it’s time to show off responsible use of the new technology