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State-of-the-industry survey

With the fire service facing a perfect storm of stressors, from a staffing crisis to expanding scope of work requirements and mental health challenges, we once again ask the vital question, “What do firefighters want?” The short answer: stress relief and staffing.
More than 2,100 firefighters completed the What Firefighters Want in 2023 state-of-the-industry survey, revealing some alarming statistics related to their feelings about the job.

The What Firefighters Want in 2023 special coverage series explores the root of firefighters’ stress, the impact of staffing challenges, how supervisor stress affects the entire crew, guidance for managing personal and professional stress, information about recruitment and retention solutions, insights into how stress affects the family unit, and much more to help firefighters and officers alike navigate the perfect storm of stress.

Thank you to the International Public Safety Data Institute for its data analysis support and the IAFC for its promotional support.

Highlighting the most eye-opening results from the annual state-of-the-industry survey
Firefighters pinpoint their top stressors and acknowledge the impact of stress on the quality of service provided
Survey respondents share their experiences with staffing stressors
Firefighters feel generally positive about the job, but they report high stress, and many have considered leaving their organization
How officers mitigate these stressors for the benefit of themselves, their crew and the department as a whole
Unpacking the survey data and identifying solutions to address the perfect storm of stress
The FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition supports initiatives that turn post-traumatic stress into growth
The battalion chief addresses a worrying statistic about the impact of stress level on firefighters’ day-to-day work
FireRescue1’s 2023 state-of-the-industry survey revealed some alarming statistics related to respondents’ feelings about the job. Download your copy to learn critical insights into what is driving the perfect storm of stress among many firefighters.
More than 2,100 firefighters speak up about the perfect storm of stress and staffing challenges
Amid stress and staffing challenges, firefighters still love the job – and encourage others to join the ranks
While some firefighters are taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of stress, many others are caught in a vicious cycle of harmful behavior
Firefighters are reporting crushing staffing challenges and increased stress
While some departments are reevaluating their fitness and education requirements, among others, most have changed nothing
Most agencies rely heavily on social media, career fairs and youth programs