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50 requests for direct supervisor support

Several themes emerged among the thousands of comments from the What Firefighters Want survey respondents

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Photo/John M. Buckman III

By FireRescue1 Staff

Supervisor support was an important category in FireRescue1’s first-annual What Firefighters Want survey. Questions focused on a variety of support-related aspects of the job, including whether supervisors value member input, supervisor support of professional development, guidance in the wake of mistakes and more. Read in-depth analysis of the survey results here.

Additionally, the survey offered respondents the opportunity to share how their direct supervisor could better support them. Many respondents indicated appreciation for their supervisors, said they were getting strong support or noted that their supervisors were doing the best they can for the situation.

The following selection of quotes – from respondents who represent departments of all sizes, types and locations – is focused on constructive feedback for how supervisors could better support them. Any leader, regardless of rank or experience, can learn from these common themes to be a better leader.

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