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The FireRescue1 Video Resource Center features original videos, series and video podcasts focused on leadership, safety, training, recruiting and more.

The FDNY chief of safety – and Better Every Shift’s first guest – returns a year later to talk leadership, safety and training
The battalion chief explains how so much of her decision-making is rooted in the 2008 Salisbury Millworks blaze
The expanding wildland-urban interface means tree fires pose an even greater risk to city and residential fire crews
The IAFC president – the “chief of chiefs” – surrounds himself with passionate people who support the mission and the organization
The OCFA fire chief explains why a compliance-based mindset doesn’t always work in the world of chaos around us
Li-ion batteries are here to stay and it’s on firefighters to keep up with advances in battery technology
During the webinar “Violence prevention — the fire and EMS safety checklist,” Dr. Jennifer Taylor details the emerging threats of violence
Some firefighters simply don’t take training seriously – and that’s a serious problem
Upon taking the reins, the Greensburg (Pa.) VFD chief made it his mission to improve firefighter safety and health
Fire apparatus are powerful machines and must be operated responsibly and with “due regard” for the safety of the public
Resident grants guru Chief Jerry Brant details what application reviewers are looking for, plus common grant proposal mistakes