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Station Design

A fire station is more than just a building — our station design topic deals with important considerations for building and managing facilities that will enable efficient operations and response while addressing your members’ health and safety. Learn how to plan for the construction of a new fire station in your community, understand the importance of firehouse location and read about recent developments in apparatus bay design and technology. Also, learn how to keep your station secure, address firehouse safety issues and ensure your station is designed with the needs of all your firefighters in mind.

Gresham firefighters reported various hazardous conditions, including sewage leaks and and lack of protective sleeping quarters
Times have changed in the fire service and some of the best peer support opportunities have fallen by the wayside as firefighter culture has evolved
Twin Falls’ new Station 2’s hold all of its apparatus and has a decontamination area separated from living quarters
Lewiston city council members promised to seek an alternative to the upgrade that was supposed to improve response times and firefighters’ working conditions
“The outpouring was phenomenal,” Lake Norden Chief of Police Tony Aas said, describing offers for substitute vehicles
Share your before-and-after fire department pictures
Extensive damage to the station is forcing Whiteland crews to share a station in New Whiteland, which is a tight fit for the number of members
The funds could go toward building or renovating stations, adding emission control systems, installing backup power systems and building personnel quarters
Part of the Florence Fire Department’s roof came off, and the bay doors were blocked
Norfolk’s next station will have separate bunks and an area where firefighters can clean up before they return from a call
For the Washington Fire Company location, the future is undetermined
The Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit location has things the old station lacked — a restroom, an office and two bays instead of one for fire engines and equipment
A new facility would replace the John F. Cutter Jr. Fire Station, which has been in use since the early 1970s and has a decaying roof
The Charlotte Fire Department’s Vector fire truck, manufactured by Spartan Emergency Response, is expected to be the first all-electric apparatus operating in the Southeast
The floating fire station has drawn curious eyes from around the world, starting with its initial conception and extending to crew operations