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The Off-Duty topic provides news, expert columns and other information about firefighters’ off-duty lives, from ensuring your personal and family protection to strategies to safeguard your mental, physical and emotional health, as well as financial security.

From innovative stoves to music and lighting for ambience, here’s your ultimate guide to a memorable campfire gathering
An off-duty Chicago firefighter was shot several times when he confronted suspects attempting to break into his car
The First Responders Program, a new incentive program unique to the QSR industry, offers $100,000 cash per restaurant to qualifying individuals
Nettie Firefighter Brody Allan Hanna was killed in crash with a man who earlier attacked a woman with a hammer
Anchorage will allow most employees to use marijuana off the clock, but not work for the city within eight hours of using marijuana
After an ultimatum from his wife, former Firefighter-Paramedic Jordan Long realized the toll his career was taking – and took steps to help others thrive
A 41-year-old firefighter decided to “randomly” play the lottery ahead of his shift, and it paid off – literally
R.I. Firefighter Anthony Colella and Mass. Firefighter Mark McCullough administered CPR for 10 minutes until the man regained consciousness
Palm Beach County Captain Eric Price and FF-Medic Sam Adler rendered aid until the flight made an emergency landing
The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
In this webinar, we discuss how to overcome the inherent challenges first responders face, including high-pressure shift work, ever-changing job demands, and daily exhaustion.
In this webinar you’ll hear real questions from firefighters about how the job impacts their relationships and discuss strategies to address these issues.
Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi was fatally shot with a handgun purchased and modified by a convicted felon
Engineer/EMT Wilbert Hayes went under while swimming with his family in Lake Michigan