11 fireworks safety videos, from the serious to the humorous

As fireworks season begins, cities and FDs are sharing safety and fire prevention tips to educate citizens and avoid disasters

Fire up the grill, get out your mosquito spray and fly that flag, because it's almost time to celebrate America's birthday! 

But before you do, your local fire department needs to have a word with you. It may be in the form of an over-the-top silly video or a stern warning to heed the rules of your city and county, but one thing is for sure: They want to get across the message that while fireworks are fun, they are also dangerous and could potentially damage property, injure someone or start a fire

Check out these videos from city officials and fire departments across the country that are collectively saying one thing: be careful this Fourth of July holiday. 

Has your fire department created a video to spread the message of firework safety? Leave us the link in comments!

1. Red Wing Fire Department, Minnesota

A sensible list of firework guidelines to help keep residents safe.

2. Wichita Fire Department, Kansas

An eye-opening look at what can actually go wrong when it comes to fireworks.

3. Lubbock Fire Rescue, Texas

"We would like to remind you that the use of fireworks in the city limits is illegal. Just like last year ... and the year before that ... and the year before that ... and the year—"

4. Sacramento Fire Department

The SFD has a dedicated smartphone app to help residents report illegal firework use. Get it here. 

5. Cape Coral Fire Department, Florida

This video starts with some sobering statistics about the damage fireworks can do, and members of the Cape Coral Fire Department and Cape Coral Police Department demonstrate how quickly fireworks can ignite clothes, as well as the damage an explosive can do to a closed hand. 

6. Springfield, MISSOURI, Fire Department

"Most fires we respond to are started by smart people making dumb decisions." Is there any truer statement?

7. Fairfax County, Virginia, Fire & Rescue

This video highlights the legal issues that come with lighting illegal fireworks -- not something you want to mess with. 

8. Castle rock, Colorado, Fire Department

The CRFD urges its residents to plan on attending the city fireworks show rather than take a chance shooting off illegal fireworks. Good advice. 

9. Henderson, Nevada, Fire and Police Department

Henderson's deputy fire chief, deputy police chief and the assistant city manager team up to offer safety tips for Fourth of July fun. 

10. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

If this video doesn't make you think twice about fireworks safety, nothing will. Trust us, just watch. 

11. Detroit, Michigan, Fire Department

This video gives a real example of what can happen when fireworks aren't handled properly. 

This article, originally published on June 28, 2019, has been updated. 

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