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Fire Prevention

The fire prevention topic encompasses a host of articles on creating public safety programs and community risk reduction ideas, as well as how to impress upon new fire department members the importance of sharing the fire prevention message.

The new position in the Owensboro Fire Department will increase community risk reduction efforts
Sumter County deputies tried to enter the house and rescue the woman
New ordinance allows the fire chief to declare a building a “public nuisance” and have a structure torn down
Hanover Fire Station 2 housed a fire engine, tender and two brush units
The overcrowded club lacked the required exits, firewalls and fire alarms in the 1977 tragedy
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Freddy Flores succumbed to burn injuries after a fire inside a
Bill sets standards for batteries and firefighting equipment
Non-functioning sprinklers and other violations had been discovered in the arson investigation of the San Jose fire
The bill mandates that the U.S. establishes safety standards for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in devices like e-bikes to prevent fire risks
The event will take place during the International Association of Fire Chiefs Community Risk Reduction Leader Conference
Federal lawsuit claims violations prevented egress, impeded rescue operations and led to the deaths in the SouthPark 5-alarm fire
Why do we care more about ensuring the firehouse grass is sprinklered than the firehouse itself?
A step-by-step look at how to extinguish a grease fire to share with your community
Regulators are facing insurance companies not renewing policies due to high risk
Captain Jerry Boylan of The Conception will also receive supervised release after the deadliest maritime disaster in recent U.S. history
Drivers honking horns, neighbors banging on doors get the attention of firefighters as Huntington Park firehouse burns
There are approximately 24,000 electrical fires per year, per the U.S. Fire Administration
Changes would increase safety at construction sites like the South Park site that burned in 2023
The Billings Fire Prevention Bureau experienced two fatal fires involving nasal cannulas and oxygen
A fire alarm inside Station 8 woke Concord firefighters in the early morning
Hillsborough County firefighters battled a two-alarm fire at the Mamajuana Cafe
Tragedy in Spalding County after a young girl ran back inside the burning house for her dog
Mounting levels of solid waste, a dangerous accumulation of refuse, an attractive nuisance and blighted property were among the specific violations that Sanj Jose municipal staffers cited
The Clinton Township fire chief said the township does not have a cost-recovery ordinance
Investigators found the rental license was not renewed which would have allowed inspection for working smoke detectors
The state’s number of fatal fires makes the start of 2024 the deadliest year in a decade
A man died after being struck by debris during explosions at the Clinton Township fire