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The FireRescue1 Social Media topic covers news about social media and firefighting, including the way social networks are impacting work and jobs at fire departments.

Montville police charged PIO Steven Frischling with “unauthorized taking or transmission by first responders of images of crime or accident victims.”
While it can be useful and effective, social media is not always simple
The firefighter-influencer shares his love of making videos and poking fun of the industry – but mostly himself
Take a look at how some departments are acknowledging their probationary firefighters’ graduations
“We all of kind of came together and said, ‘this is the right thing to do,’” said South Jordan Firefighter Austin Rekoutis
Los Banos firefighters stayed with Karen Garcia’s children, fixing them breakfast and getting them ready for school after their mother was taken to the hospital
The Snyder Fire Department set a goal, formed a team, and made a plan to significantly increase its membership in two years
“If you think the internet has been harsh on him, just wait until he returns to work,” the Vacaville firefighters’ union post stated
Use data to focus your cooking safety messaging on the issues and areas that need it most
The department’s approach to campaigns underscores the importance of thorough research, inclusivity, collaboration and innovation
The department asked citizens for their thoughts, in a survey, on tattoos as they consider changing the current policy
Brig Malessa takes to social media to share what it is like living and working alone, looking for wildfires
A social media roundup of how some fire departments took action as Hurricane Idalia made landfall
A look at firefighters keeping their community cool during the hot summer
Snaps from the exhibit hall floor, educational sessions and host city Kansas City
Most agencies rely heavily on social media, career fairs and youth programs
The Columbus Fire Dept. avoided greater damage thanks to FFs doing work on a firehouse upgrade
See how Miami-Dade, San Diego and other departments use social media to increase public awareness about lithium-ion battery fire dangers
How to “own” the incident through quick, accurate and ongoing information
The San Jose Fire Department Engine 4 captain was disciplined for violating public trust and the city’s vehicle use policy
An RV outside of the American Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show in Tampa burned as some bystanders tried to rescue the dogs inside
Firefighters returned to the station to find fire coming from the roof
Supporters on both sides gathered at the Greensboro city council meeting to protest Capt. Dustin Jones’s firing
“Change everything you can right away” and other bad advice for new leaders
If you have a problem with the tactics in another organization, get over it, get over yourself and move on
Firefighters and EMS providers created and shared these six informative, fun posts and videos
Thousands gathered in Indianapolis for training, met friends old and new, checked out gear and vehicles, supported Ukrainian firefighters and more
San Jose Chief Robert Sapien said Engine 4’s fire truck went to the Pink Poodle to drop off a male passenger, then encountered the dancer seen in the 2022 video