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The extrication topic features the latest news and resources on extrication after motor vehicle accidents. Firefighters can use this page to learn about maintaining extrication equipment, training on extrication techniques, or working at the scene of an MVA, including those involving modern vehicles. The extrication topic also features the latest heavy rescue tools, rescue systems, saws, spreaders, and tools designed to cut through new automotive materials. And if you’re looking to purchase new extrication tools, check out the FireRescue1 How-to-Buy Extrication Tools Guide.

Two cars ended up overturned inside a Boston Market in Saugus
Grant County Fire District 13 will improve its capabilities with a battery-powered combi tool on its new rescue vehicle
Captium collects vehicle health and critical component data and provides insight to keep your department operationally ready
Funding through the California Office of Traffic Safety will help equip, train Kern County firefighters
Two people had to be extricated from the car after both vehicles crashed into a Long Beach restaurant
A tractor-trailer driver was killed after a train carrying coal derailed and fell onto a highway near Pueblo
San Diego and Chula Vista FFs worked to extricate the driver after his truck went off a freeway ramp and overturned
Portland firefighters faced a car pinned partially underneath a semi in a jack-knife collision
Federal funding helped Menands and Ballston Lake firefighters purchase extrication tools and a gear washer
South Charleston firefighters were injured when their fire engine was involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle
The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
Four people, including two paramedics, were injured when a pickup truck collided with an ambulance
Fire and EMS personnel in Spartanburg County rescued two people in plane crash
A neighbor held the worker up as best as he could until Lakeside firefighters arrived
A bit of miscommunication for Portage firefighters ended in a unique rescue