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Woman extricated from Trump fans’ bus crash in NYC

Donna Eiden said she and her husband were sleeping inside the bus when it began to roll down the street crashing into signs, pole

Associated Press

NEW YORK — A man and woman who sold pro-Donald Trump merchandise out of a bus covered with pro-Trump flags and posters are homeless after the vehicle crashed into several street signs and utility poles in New York City.

The crash happened around noon on Sunday on Staten Island, the Fire Department said.

Donna Eiden, who had been living in the bus with her husband, Rocky Granata, and their cat, Missy, told the Staten Island Advance that she was sleeping inside the parked vehicle when it began to roll along Hylan Boulevard, crashing into signs and poles in its path.

Photos of the crash’s aftermath show the side of the bus ripped to shreds and Trump signs scattered about.

“That’s our life, we live in it; we travel in it. I have my daughter’s ashes in it,” Eiden told the Advance. “It’s our business. It’s our life.”

Eiden had to be extracted from the wrecked vehicle, firefighters said. She did not require medical treatment.

The bus had been a frequent presence at Trump rallies around the country before it crashed.